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If you are planning a new construction or remodeling project and want the latest in high-quality plumbing fixtures and installation services — or need repairs on your existing systems — the Kalamazoo plumbing experts at B. Gage Plumbing & Mechanical are ready to exceed your expectations. Whether you own a small home or a large industrial complex, our plumbing contractors have the experience, skills and products to handle any size job.

Our experienced Kalamazoo plumbers can help you choose the latest plumbing product designs from our wide selection of quality brands. For our customers in need of plumbing repairs — whether you have a clogged drain, a broken water pipe or even if you want to install new plumbing — you can always count on our superior services.

If you live in an older home, many of our pre-1970s Kalamazoo homes may still be equipped with inefficient plumbing fixtures. New plumbing installations include up-to-date toilet designs, energy efficient water heaters and low flow showerheads and faucets. These new plumbing items will greatly reduce water consumption, lower utility bills and improve the health of the environment — and your wallet.  You and your family will interact with your plumbing system on a daily basis, so do not trust your plumbing needs to just anyone. Our knowledgeable and skilled plumbing contractors will complete your next project right — on time and on budget.

Our professional residential and commercial plumbing services include:

  • Plumbing Repairs
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • New Construction
  • Remodeling
  • Sewer and Drain Cleaning
  • Emergency Back-up Sump Pumps
  • Water Treatment Systems
  • Sump Pump Lift (Repair and Replacement)
  • Water Heaters (Repair and Replacement)
  • Certified Backflow Testing (Repair and Replacement)

As a business owner, you cannot afford to waste time dealing with plumbing problems that take time and resources away from your daily operations. Our professional commercial plumbers work with both large and small companies to help them get back to business quickly. Unlike many other plumbing companies, our technicians are trained to handle both plumbing and mechanical issues, allowing us to complete all facets of your next plumbing repair during a single visit.

Our Kalamazoo plumbing company strives to serve our residential and commercial customers in Kalamazoo MI with high quality plumbing products and services supported by excellent customer service.  If you have plumbing repair and installation needs, we have the skills to match whatever your job requires — no matter how large or small.

If you have any questions about our plumbing services or if you would like to request a free plumbing system estimate, please contact us today or call us directly at 269.384.9203.